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Extramedullary Plasmacytoma of Head and Neck Region: Report of Six Cases with Different Localizations

Kerem Öztürk, Mustafa Şahin, Raşit Midilli, Gülce Gürsan, Nazan Özsan, Recep Savaş

Citation Information : Öztürk K, Şahin M, Midilli R, Gürsan G, Özsan N, Savaş R. Extramedullary Plasmacytoma of Head and Neck Region: Report of Six Cases with Different Localizations. Int J Otorhinolaryngol Clin 2014; 6 (3):10-16.

DOI: 10.5005/aijoc-6-3-10

License: CC BY-NC 3.0

Published Online: 01-09-2012

Copyright Statement:  Copyright © 2014; The Author(s).


Extramedullary plasmacytoma (EMP) is a rarely seen neoplasm of plasma cells which may be locally destructive by involving submucosal soft tissues of upper respiratory tract but without systemic dissemination. It comprises less than 1% of head and neck malignities. Clinical presentation depends on tumor's effect and its involvement site. Diagnosis is made with histopathologic examination of tissue biopsy. Responses to its treatment with local radiotherapy and surgery are similar. In this article; it is intended to update our knowledge regarding EMP and remind this rarely encountered disease by presenting various cases detected in nasopharynx, tonsil, buccal mucosa, larynx, mastoid cavity and sphenoid sinus, with literature line.

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